July Mini-Tip: Display Your Sentimental Junk

For anyone who read the post on Building an Organized Essential Oil Caddy, it should come as no surprise that displaying things in little compartments is right up my alley. Today’s Mini-Tip is focused on storing and displaying the cute little shit that seems to accumulate in life. I’d be willing to bet you have a drawer or box somewhere in your house that is filled with little ephemera that you never look at, but aren’t willing to part with.


An Organized Photo Album: Storing Digital Photos

In the days before we all had the iPhone to document daily life, the process of sorting memories was time consuming and could be expensive. Now, we all take more photos than ever but rarely print them, much less sit down with an album open on our laps and a cup of tea to walk down memory lane. How do you organize your photos so that you can find memories from a certain event without digging through dozens of old memory cards and file locations?