Welcome to the Cult of Organization

Why Organization?

Because organization is great. It can make your life simpler and more efficient, and in doing so free up your time and money to pursue things you want to do, instead of things you end up having to do because of poor organizational planning. I’m here to give you ideas for organizing your life better. You don’t have to do everything—or even anything—the way I do to be a Cult Member. I’m also hoping to pick up new, interesting, and efficient organizational tips from you as we work through some of the systems I use to keep life efficient.

Why cult?

You might have negative connotations with the word ‘cult.’ I prefer a more casual definition: a group of like-minded people with excessive admiration for something (in this case, organization). There’s something that sort of makes me laugh thinking about this cult of people all organizing together – folding clothes, stacking dishes, arranging files on their desktops – with that being the complete goal of the cult. Nothing grand or frantic centering around aliens or end of days.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10, Episode 10 – Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult

Don’t worry, the Cult of Organization won’t be handing out Kool-Aid. We might take a look at how to better organize the Kool-Aid in your kitchen cabinets, though.


As we work our way to a kitchen org post, follow along and take what works for you.

Introduce Yourself

Are you already organized, or desperately seeking order in a universe filled with chaos? Leave a comment and let me know what brought you to the site.

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