Organized Meal Prep


In a recent effort to do a better job of preparing food ahead of time and eating less processed snacks, I spent a Sunday afternoon prepping for the week. Most of the prep was pretty simple – just washing and slicing vegetables and measuring out dried fruits and nuts. I was shooting to have each snack in the ballpark of 100-250 calories so I could mix-n-match each day based on what sounded good to eat without too much variation in daily calorie consumption.


As I packaged everything, I took photos of the snack as well as the nutrition facts label. This made it easy to sit down at the computer today and label each snack with its calories, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content. Most of these items are easy to buy in bulk and keep on hand for quick prep each week, other than perishables like veggies and cheese.


I printed out this chart and stuck it to the side of my fridge to help keep myself from falling into a snacking rut and eating the same boring snacks day after day. It also makes it easy to remember serving sizes. This set up was perfect for a week in the office, but would also work great for travel or a backpacking trip. I think the only thing I need for next week are some good reusable containers for snacks, instead of using tons of Ziploc bags. Any suggestions for good small re-use containers?

PS – thanks MeowMeix for some of this snacking inspiration!


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