July Mini-Tip: Display Your Sentimental Junk

For anyone who read the post on Building an Organized Essential Oil Caddy, it should come as no surprise that displaying things in little compartments is right up my alley. For anyone who is surprised, you’re probably new here. Welcome, and check out this New To The Blog post.

Today’s Mini-Tip is focused on storing and displaying the cute little shit that seems to accumulate in life. Whether its ticket stubs, key chains, or any of a million other types of trinkets, I’d be willing to bet you have a drawer or box somewhere in your house that is filled with little ephemera that you never look at, but aren’t willing to part with.

Mine comes in the form of hand-crafted miniatures (some purchased, some made by family and friends) intended for a dollhouse. No one living in a Pseudo-Tiny Home has space for an actual dollhouse, plus you can’t really see much inside a dollhouse and then you have to dust it…too many downsides.

The solution? Display it! Grab a type-setting drawer (local antique shops, Etsy, Craigslist…they’re everywhere) and add the contents of your sentimental junk drawer.


Pro Tip #1


Post-23-Sentimental-Stor-2You can create larger compartments in your drawer. I used a pair of diagonal cutting pliers to trim out the dividers where needed.

Pro Tip #2


I used these little acid-free Glue Dots to hold items in place so they stay put. If you want to take it a step further, attach a clear cover (thick plastic or fiberglass works well). I used some mini-hinges at the top of the drawer to attach the cover while still being able to access the compartments easily.


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