Building an Organized Essential Oil Caddy


This was a fun little organization craft project to create some tidy storage for doTerra essential oils. It was fairly easy to pull together, so I thought I’d share a step-by-step how to. Enjoy!

1. Collect Tools & Materials



I started with a few packs of balsa wood from the craft store. The packs were filled with assorted shapes and sizes. You’ll need a few sharp tools like a box knife and x-acto, wood or Tacky glue, a ruler, and some paint.

2. Arrange Caddy Pieces


I decided to see how far I could get just using pre-cut pieces from the balsa wood packs. This took a couple rounds of re-arranging and shuffling using the essential oil bottles to help determine size and spacing.


3. Cut & Glue

Post-16-Essential-Oils-9There were a few alterations needed to the pre-cut balsa wood pieces, but trimming them into shape was quick. After that, it was just a matter of finding something good to stream on Netflix while gluing all the pieces together!


4. Dry


After gluing all the pieces together, I tried fitting essential oils into the caddy to make sure no spacing got out of alignment. Then, I let the caddy dry overnight.

5. Painting


I’ve got some green paint on hand that I’ve used to paint a few pieces of thrift store furniture, so I used that for this project. I think acrylic paints would work great too. I let the paint dry overnight, and then the caddy is done!


It was a pretty fun and simple project, and I like how it turned out! The doTerra essential oils have nice labels and this storage method makes it easy to see all the colors and select an oil to use.


3 thoughts on “Building an Organized Essential Oil Caddy

  1. Thanks for sharing this design. I’ve just started using essential oils and was trying to figure out a good way to keep them tidy but still see the labels.


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