An Organized Christmas: Gift Giving


With Free Shipping Day 2017 in the rear view mirror, you might be scrambling to finish up your shopping. Want to skip the scramble next year? Take a look at these tips for organized Christmas gift giving to save time and reduce stress.


Start a private Amazon wish list of items you think make great generic gifts. You can add to the list year-round, and when Christmas rolls around you can hop into the list and fill your cart with easy and practical stocking stuffers. Need some ideas to get started? Check out these useful ideas that won’t break the bank.



Simplify the gift-giving frenzy by drawing names with family, friends, or coworkers. Sure, Secret Santa isn’t anything new. But have you considered this? Buying for 1 person instead of 10 can let you buy more significant gifts—if 10 people were all planning to spend $20 on each other, they can each spend $200 on one person instead and gift something really cool or meaningful. This can also help avoid that feeling of “tell-me-exactly-what-$20-item-you-want-and-I’ll-do-the-same” which surely sucks all the feel-good out of gifting.



Do something, instead of giving something. Shopping takes time and money that could be spent on activities instead. If your loved ones are the type to appreciate shared experiences over traditional presents, consider giving each other the gift of future plans. Agree to set time for pedicures, horseback riding, or splurging on a fun restaurant. You’ll each pay your own way to ensure that the only thing you’re giving to each other is shared time. If you’ve got a bigger group, consider a getaway like a cabin or mini vacation. You might be surprised how affordable this option is when you’re not buying gifts and wrapping paper!

A fun cabin get-away makes a great gift for the whole group. Bonus: you don’t have to do it at Christmas if you don’t want to!

It will soon be too late to order gifts online for Christmas, but it’s not too late to simplify the gift giving process so you can focus on what really matters—making and eating too many cookies!

With all the time I saved on gifts, I was able to make 1 million cookies. I think that’s a fair trade.

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